Heels-dolls from Dolce & Gabbana hoodies from Beyonce and smart shorts from Israel: what was discussed in fashion this week

Collection Of Dolce&Gabbana

This week fashion critics with particular attention and the political agenda. Still, after the official trip went in two senior ladies whose outfits always draw a heated discussion — Melania trump attended the NATO summit in Brussels and had dinner with the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, and Meghan Markle, along with Prince Harry made a trip to Ireland. About what was happening in the world of fashion brands, read our digest.

1. Dress like Beyonce!

The performance of the 36-year-old Beyonce on Coachella festival this year impressed not only fans of her music star performed his hits for two hours, but not left indifferent fashionistas.

On stage, the singer changed five outfits created for her by creative Director Olivier rousteing. On Tuesday came the good news for those who wanted to dress like Beyonce. French fashion house announced the drop capsule collection Balmain x Beyoncé that will include hoodies and t-shirts, created for the festival images of the singer.

The Premier collection will take place in the flagship Balmain boutique in Paris on 13 July from seven to nine in the evening. Then things will be available for order on the official website of the brand. Proceeds from sales will be donated to UNCF (a non-profit organization that supports black students).

2. Dolce & Gabbana — a court in Germany, with love for Russia

Recently, the brand Dolce & Gabbana was often in the news, and it was reports of new creations of Italian designers. So Stefano Gabbana have turned against many celebrities, when out of nowhere insulted Selena Gomez. And if the singer did not deal with the kicker, here’s a German brand Puma their claims decided to Express in court. Sportswear manufacturer believes that Dolce & Gabbana copied the design beach Slippers with fur from Rihanna, which Puma has been producing for several years. Protection of the Italian brand insists that the shoes, produced by Dolce & Gabbana is decorated with real fur, is much more expensive and are designed for entirely different target groups and, therefore, can not be regarded as competitive products. Flip-flops from Puma’s collaboration with Rihanna cost about 70 dollars, and Dolce & Gabbana — almost $ 600. The first trial Puma lost, but not going to give up. The company filed a new lawsuit in the court of second instance in Munich. Oh, those bureaucratic Germans!

Whether it is a wide Russian soul! For the most Patriotic citizens of Dolce & Gabbana has released an exclusive collection. The Italian brand is known for its special relationship to our country — in June, D&G presented a collection that was created taking into account wishes of Russian customers. And here is another gift for the fashionistas. The collection, which is already available for pre-order on the website of the Central Department store, entered lacquer (154 thousand) and suede (138 thousand rubles) shoes with heels in the form of dolls and bag for 391 thousand rubles in the shape of a heart with an embroidered image of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Finally to the famous dress with the coat of arms was found worthy accessories!

3. Autumn denim from Monki

Swedish brand Monki has unveiled a new lookbook, which will please fans of denim and green. The collection includes classic models of jackets, jeans, jumpsuits and shirts made of organic cotton. Without color revolutions — the palette is dominated by dark blue and blue shades, and autumn mood (the collection will go on sale in late August) added a denim suit colors fading foliage.

4. Burberry: a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood and the transition to the system drops

That with the arrival of Riccardo Tisci the conservatism of Burberry, which he began to struggle even Christopher Bailey, can fail completely, many people have said. Now these words is practical confirmation. At the end of last week, the traditional British brand has announced a collaboration with perhaps the main intruder in the British fashion — Vivienne Westwood.
Vivienne is one of the first fashion designers due to which I had a dream of becoming a designer. I am incredibly happy to announce a new collaboration with the British punk icon,
— wrote in his Instagram account Riccardo Tisci.

To change new creative Director plans and sales model. The silence is going to adapt to Burberry popular now in the fashion world drops. As the portal WWD, the first capsule collection can be confined to London Fashion Week, which will be held in September. It was there that Riccardo Tisci for the first time will showcase their creations on the catwalk as creative Director of the brand. Premiere collaboration Burberry x Vivienne Westwood is scheduled for December 2018.

Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne Westwood and Riccardo Tisci

5. The”transcendent” campaign Moncler c Millie Bobby brown and Olga Karput

Last week, Moncler announced the cooperation with the star of the show “Very strange case” which, incidentally, was nominated for an “Emmy-2018”, Millie Bobby brown, but we now know that collaboration will be part of the autumn / winter campaign Moncler Beyond. The participation of Italian luxury brand invited the 19 men and women who, in the opinion of the brand, are opinion leaders in their field and is able “to transcend itself, to think deeper and strive for more.”

One of them, except Millie Bobby brown, became the founder of the “КМ20” Olga Karput, hip-hop artist Wes Scheck, Italian astronaut Walter Village, model, nutritionist, and mother of Elon Musk may, chef and restaurateur Danny Boyen, Paralympic champion, fencer Bebe VIO and others. Filmed in black and white, all the participants posing in the core down jacket from Moncler. The author of the campaign were made by the British photographer Craig Mcdean, known for his work with Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger and other fashion brands, as well as a number of portraits of Hollywood celebrities.

Olga Karput


5. Smart shorts will help with the selection of jeans

It is difficult to find jeans, well-fitting on a figure! It is too wide in the waist, but too tight hips, on the contrary. The struggle in standard sizes and unique shapes are endless, and with this problem at least once in life faced, perhaps every fashionista. Now modern technology to the rescue for all those who are suffering in the dressing room.

Israeli startup Like a Glove have developed shorts that allow you to accurately measure your parameters. Built-in sensor transmits the information over Bluetooth, and you can save it to a special smartphone app. Unlike some jeans, Israeli shorts designed for all types of shapes, including plus-size. Shorts can be a great sports accessory — as all the data is saved, you can follow what the results bring training and changing your body for months and even years.

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