Henry Cavill think dredge has become Mission : Impossible, and fears of being accused of rape






Since the fall of Harvey Weinstein, the thousands of men embastillés in jails held by the féminazies. And Henry Cavill is afraid to join them.

It is well known that, since the advent of the movement #MeToo and its continuation French, #BalanceTonPorc, women have completed to destroy the art of the seduction of the street, the pleasure of the marivaudage and trampled the beauty of the drag bar. But the man of everyday life is not the only one to see now prohibited dragouille, under pain of being deported in the dungeons anti-masculinistes. Even the stars fear for their gametes.


A palpable tension


This is what was explained Henry Cavill, soon to the poster of Mission Impossible : Fallout, in an interview with GQ, during which he was able to explain his dismay about the difficulty of dealing with women in this complex Twenty-first century.

“It is very complicated if certain rules are being put in place. Because it gives you something like : I’m not going to go talk to him, because we’re going to label me a rapist or I don’t know what. So we said : “So much the worse, instead, I’m going to call an ex, and start again a relationship that has never really worked.”


Attention Henry, they react to the movement !


But it’s still much safer than open the gates of hell because I am a public personality, and if I’m going to flirt with someone, who can say what will happen to me ?

These days, you can’t attempt the shot beyond “no”. So we said, “well, ok”. Then comes the : “Oh but why he gives up ?”. Well because I did not want to go to jail. “

It is obviously very unfortunate for this Man of Steel with feet of clay.


Superman, the next victim of the fronde, a feminist ?

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