Her husband, viola and hangs their 6 year old daughter, Anna dies of the syndrome of the broken heart

Son mari viole et pend leur fille de 6 ans, Anna meurt du syndrome du coeur brisé

Yaroslav Oleinikov is currently in custody for the murder vile of her 6-year old girl in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Veronika has been raped several times and on different days by his father. Then the man strangled her children and then hanged to a fence with his favorite toy.

This man at the unemployment was in the care of the children while his wife, Anna Zubko, worked as a cleaning woman in a supermarket.

After the assassination atrocious of her daughter, the young 27 year old woman fell into a deep depression. His 3 year old son has been placed in an orphanage.

The young woman died a few months later of a cardiac arrest, caused by what is called the syndrome of the broken heart.

“After a strong psychological shock, the brain secretes stress hormones that will take place on the heart, and paralyse him.” said a cardiologist.

Oleinikov will be judged in a few months.