Here’s why you should never sleep in panties

Voici pourquoi il ne faudrait jamais dormir en culotte

Before you go to bed, forget about panties and g-strings, and instead, opt for a attire loose fitting and breathable to your private parts… Jean-Marc Bohbot, doctor-infectiologist explains why.

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They are rather sexy nightie or pyjama comfort, there are many women sleeping in panties… Yet, wear this tiny piece of fabric to join the arms of Morpheus would be a very bad idea !

This is according to Dr. Jean-Marc Bohbot to our confreres of Madame Figaro. Co-author of the book Microbiota vaginal, the rose revolution – editions Marabout, doctor-infectiologist specialist infections genito-urinary infections, warns against the risk of yeast infections, cystitis and irritation, in women who would sleep in panties.

In question, the tissue that would contain bacteria, create an environment conducive to their development and would contribute to the friction during the night.

“The under-garments, and more particularly those in the synthetic, increase the heat of the mold and hold moisture. This promotes the development of micro-organisms, such as fungi”, says the specialist.

The wearing of underwear during sleep is therefore not recommended to all women : whether you are subject or us to cystitis, droughts vaginal, or that you suffered from mycoses, Jean-Marc Bohbot advocates of “free the genitals”, to let them breathe and avoid friction during the night.

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