High blood pressure in children: the doctors said that in some cases it is necessary to sound the alarm

Высокое давление у детей: медики рассказали, в каких случаях нужно бить тревогу

Pressure – a problem not only for pensioners.

Under the condition of hypertensive crisis in children is commonly understood as a sudden increase in blood pressure. In such situations, adolescents disorders of vital functions. This requires the adoption of certain measures to relieve the pressure. This allows you to eliminate a threat to the life of a teenager, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to neboley.com.ua.

Most often the occurrence of a crisis in the background razvivchemsa of hypertension in adolescents is due to kidney disease, meningitis and traumatic brain injury. When a teenager is in the stage of puberty, the appearance of a hypertensive crisis associated with the release of the hormone adrenaline.

How to identify at an early stage?

Specialists are well known symptoms that allow to identify such a crisis for hypertension in children early on. Guided by the doctor can make the diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment.

In preschoolers

In most cases of hypertension when children have a crisis develops in the initial stage, any symptoms arise. The presence of abnormalities in blood pressure school doctor can be detected only during preventive examination. But in case a slight increase strong deterioration in children does not occur. They can play quietly, and to attend classes without experiencing discomfort.

The transition of the disease into severe stage leads to the appearance of children quite serious health problems. The child may complain of palpitations and indicate discomfort, appeared in his chest. With the sudden emergence of the crisis, which is common in hypertension, some children may receive:

light-headedness;tinnitus;flickering flies.

This disease in children leads to a decrease in physical activity and intellectual activity.


Surges of hormones in children – the main characteristic of adolescence. At this time, they begin active development of various parts of the body. It is also a stage of maturation of brain structures. All these processes are accompanied by surges in blood pressure. If during the examination revealed symptoms indicating a hypertensive crisis, then it is necessary to conduct additional research. This decision is made, if the pressure exceeds 140 mm Hg, which may indicate hypertension. On examination of the teenager guide and by lowering BP below 90-100 mm Hg. The necessary procedure allows to exclude development in adolescent primary hypertension.

Instruction in first aid

The main danger of such diseases as hypertensive crisis in children is that it can appear at any moment. So you need to know about what actions will be most effective in the treatment of this condition. The algorithm manipulations in emergency assistance during the crisis for hypertension in children to improve well-being, should include the following steps:

kid, which sharply increased the pressure, it is necessary to ensure a calm environment. It is best to place it in a dark place, where pretty cool, no noise;

clothes restrict body to undo. Should be done with straps and belts;

on the forehead you need to put soaked in cold water towel. In the legs it is better to place a bottle of hot water;allowable action is wetting a piece of cloth in the vinegar solution. This compress should be placed on the area of the heels. There he must stay for 20 minutes.

If encountered in adolescents, hypertensive crisis provoked by emotional stress, it is possible to give him the Valerian or as a therapeutic agent to use motherwort. This treatment should adhere to the dosage recommended by your doctor.

Tips and advice

Parents whose child has a high risk of a hypertensive crisis should be aware of the rules of first aid to the child in a critical situation.

The pressure decrease in a young patient should be gradual. Within 1 hour it should be reduced by 25%, but no more. About diastolic it can be lowered at a rate of 10% every 60 minutes.

The patient must comply with bed rest. He doesn’t need to make any movements or to use physical force. You also have to exclude any emotional load.

After the incident, jump the HELL in hypertension should be every 15 minutes to make its measurements. This action must be performed near the child’s mom or dad. During the measurements they will be able to understand whether the stabilized pressure their child or he is still in critical condition.

It is extremely important before performing all these activities call for emergency medical help.

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