High-profile cases to drive the police Toronto in the deficit (PHOTOS)

Громкие дела вгоняют полицию Торонто в дефицит  (ФОТО)

A number of high-profile murders that occurred in Toronto, apparently, has a negative impact on the budget of the city police service.

The report, which will be presented to the Board of police of Toronto on Thursday, may 17, suggests that the reduction in staffing stations and “recent high-profile cases” had a negative impact on billion budget of the police service.

“Currently, the projected need to reduce expenditures in the amount of $6 million for a one-time bonus payments. This is mainly due to downsizing and recent high-profile cases − said in a budget report. – Police will seek to reduce the cost of the premium to return to the budget. However, it should be noted that the payment of bonuses depends on the needs of the police and the above-mentioned pressure and the need for long-duty police for special events, so this goal will be difficult to achieve”.

Currently, the Toronto police budget predicts a deficit of $3.8 million, however, officials said, by the end of the year I hope to balance the budget.

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