Hight power: Tina Karol released a video about female beauty (video)

Сила высоты: Тина Кароль выпустила клип о женской красоте (видео)

Popular singer Tina Karol, recently received the prestigious премиюМ1 Music Awards “For contribution in development of Ukrainian show business” and presenting his own show on the stage, showed the new video. The video for the song “hight Power” was directed by Hindrek Maasik. He made a bid for femininity and beauty of the singer, showing her in different images.

Сила высоты: Тина Кароль выпустила клип о женской красоте (видео)

“Hight power” is a reference display of women’s beauty. Tina inspires us to be sensual, artistic, subtle sense of work. From her sexy delicate, her magnetism in detail. Stepping through templates immediate queries, I wanted to show in this clip is clear, beautiful, heartfelt picture, as would any artist. For many in the art of Tina Karol is a Muse, and for including me,” said the video Director Hindrek Maasik.

Music and lyrics “hight Power” wrote Yegor Solodovnikov, author of the famous hit of Tina Karol “Give up you always will”.

“I’m happy to re-unite the best and create a new life for me Songs are my life. “Hight power” is a song about the devotion of the woman to the man who dutifully protects it,” commented Tina.

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