Hilary Duff talked about home birth and explained why eat your placenta

Hilary Duff

31-year-old Hilary Duff October 25, became a mother for the second time. About her joy, the actress immediately told in Instagram. But recently, the star has admitted, to maintain tone and to combat the postpartum depression she chose a method that many seem, at least, unpleasant and strange. Celebrity eats own placenta, making smoothies with fruit.

This stunning cocktail. At first I was shocked, but then learned that the way to prevent postpartum depression, so dare to try,

said celebrity.

The star said she kept the placenta in the form of frozen blocks and going a few more months to use it in the food. In recent years this practice has become quite popular, placenta eating, and celebrities such as Nikki reed, black chyna and Kim Kardashian.

Also, in one fresh interview podcast Dr. Elliot Berlin”s Informed Pregnancy, Hilary said that she had long dreamed to get a different experience and to have a home birth. Duff also wanted to birth was attended by her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, the eldest son, mother and four dogs. However, Luke refused the offer.




At 12:30 with difficulty reached home, the midwives arrived around two hours. I thought that the second birth will be easier but it turned out that it is not. During labor my son Luke was very calm, he was not very interested in the process. Although I, too, tried to remain calm, but not always. At some point I shouted Matthew: “You need to shut up. I’ll kill you, if you ask me to calm down!” The contractions were not very common, so I felt a bit upset, wondering why nothing is happening.

But soon one of her midwives checked the cervix and said it was time to move into the tub.




I remember the first time I took the daughter on hands. Long considered her. She stretched her hands toward me, touched his hair and he hugged me. I couldn’t believe how strong she is and clingy. She thought: “We make a great team, mom, we did it.”





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