Hockey Arbitration School Justin St-Pierre: A Second Popular Edition

For the second edition, the formula of the Justin St-Pierre Hockey Arbitration School remains the same, but there will be many more participants, from August 9 to 11, at the UQAC Arena.
The last year, 11 officials participated in the event and already thirty confirmed their presence in less than two weeks. “We had some help from some minor hockey organizations that encouraged their referees to register by paying back part of their registration. It sure gave us a hand. People knew the school last year and we talked about it during the winter. We also have four or five participants who were there last year who re-registered this year. It’s still good, “summarizes one of the organizers and co-founder of the school with Justin St-Pierre, Mathieu Caron.

In addition to the referee native of Albanel, a few other officials of the National League will be on hand and will all offer a conference, the referees Eric Furlatt and Pierre Lambert, as well as the linesman Michel Cormier. His North American League colleague, veteran Regis Savard, is also on the camp staff. In the lectures, different topics will be discussed, not only on the ice rink, but also on the referee’s life, or the pre-match preparation. Lambert was present last year and Furlatt expressed interest in a discussion with his colleague St-Pierre a few days after the event. For his part, Michel Cormier had confirmed his presence, but had to cancel due to a last minute impediment. “These are two different worlds. It’s day and night “,

Sports psychology consultant Marc-Antoine Roussel and Chicoutimi SaguenĂ©ens assistant coach in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Claude Bouchard, will also address the participants. The first will focus on stress management and how to stay calm with spectators, players and coaches. The second will focus on the relationship between officials and coaches. “Last year he came and it was one of the best lectures we had. He has experience and in addition, refereeing baseball, it allows him to know the dynamics of the point of view of the referee, “said Mathieu Caron, stating that arbitrators of fifteen years are in the number registered, just like another in his forties.

In addition to the lectures, participants will also skate three times on the rink. On Sunday, a simulated match will allow coaches to make corrections on the spot. As teamwork is also of paramount importance to officials, a cohesive activity will also fill the already busy weekend.

Justin St-Pierre will leave the region on September 5th to participate in the annual National League officials camp in Buffalo. In October, the native of Albanel will begin his 18th season in the Bettman circuit. If everything goes according to plan, he should work in a 1000th match towards the end of the season.

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