Hollywood stars opposed to James Dean “raised” in the film with the help of technology

Звезды Голливуда против, чтобы Джеймса Дина “воскрешали” в фильме с помощью технологий

Hollywood actors Chris Evans, Elijah wood and others have criticized a project in which “revived” James Dean (James Dean) will appear in a new movie using CGI technology. “It is not worth doing” – say the activists.

After 64 years after his death, James Dean will appear in the Thriller-drama “looking for Jack” – project about the era of the Vietnam war, and it caused a wave of criticism on social networks. Many people find this idea of “resurrection” stars on screen “shameful”, and in General this phenomenon will be a “terrible precedent” for the future of film and television.

Wednesday Magic City Films has announced that Dean, who died shortly before the war, will portray a character named Rohan. The filmmakers got the rights to use the image of the actor from his family, but the reaction to the casting was overwhelmingly negative.

“Captain America” Chris Evan called the idea “shameful.” “Maybe we can get the computer to draw us a new picture of Picasso. Or write a few new tunes of John Lennon,” he writes.