Homophobic assault that is alleged to a couple of women in Lyon

Agression homophobe présumée d'un couple de femmes à Lyon

A couple of women who stood hand has been attacked by a band of young girls Friday evening in the district of la Part-Dieu in Lyon, one of them having been wounded in the face by a cutter, it was learnt on Sunday from several sources.

According to Le Parisien/today in France, which has revealed the information, the band reportedly made homophobic insults. One of the two young women, a policeman, is reported to have indicated that their conduct was tortious.

It then follows a series of punches and one of them is wounded in the face by a cutter knife, according to police.

A young woman was quickly apprehended. She has denied the facts in police custody while a cutter has been found on it indicates even the police.

A judicial information was opened on Sunday for acts of violence committed with a knife, in a meeting, and because of the sexual orientation of the victims, says the public prosecutor of Lyon to the AFP.

The person challenged, a minor, has also been brought before the examining magistrate with a requisition of warrant of committal.

The other young women, seven according to Le Parisien, are always sought after.

The number of complaints for acts of homophobic has increased in France last year. According to the ministry of the Interior, 262 complaints were filed between January and September 2018, or 15% more than in 2017.