Honda will launch the compact hatchback Fit under the new brand

Honda запустит компактный хэтчбек Fit под новым брендом

Honda launches new sub-brand Modulo Style. The first model with this console will become a compact hatchback Fit. In some markets, “pyatidverka” known as Jazz. In Japan, the Honda already has a sub-brand – Modulo X. Under him sell accessories in sporty style, the Chronicle with reference to Autoblog.

Tuning packages from Modulo X are, for example, vans and Step WGN Freed, as well as a small S660 Roadster. Brand new Modulo Style is responsible for design serial “Honda’s” also you can transform in appearance, but in a more relaxed manner. The first model which will wear such a label, will the hatch Fit.

While Honda has extended by just a few photos Fit Modulo Style full premiere will take place later. The model received a new grille (upper and lower parts are visually combined), led strips daytime running lights.

Plus the hatch has got the wheels of the new design. Unknown at this time, has there been any changes to the interior Fit Modulo Style.

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