Horseback riding with 12Storeez, a new backpack from Bvlgari and futurism: watch the new fall lookbooks

Plans for the summer no problem. Usually three months, on the contrary, is barely enough time to realize all your ideas and to catch in all trips. But the fall is such sweet anticipation is already generally there. Approaching the cold, the sun disappears behind the clouds — what here plans! To wrap myself in a blanket and reminisce about your summer adventures! Those who are not configured to resist the autumn Blues can draw inspiration in the new we seen. Why not go for a horse ride or a trip to a country estate?

1.12 Storeez

In the new lookbook starred the founder of the brand Irina and Marina Glamazdina. The collection is quite relaxed and it is based on classical materials and prints: gingham, goose foot, bar, cashmere and wool. The choice of location is also not accidental. Horseback riding has always been associated with aristocratic society. Sleek, minimalist styling and gentle color scheme immediately suggests that such things might like a true lady, and the combination of white jeans with cashmere sweaters inspired by the Princess Diana.

2. Mango

Fall style Mango filled with smooth lines and bright colors, if you get to the merchants spices at the Bazaar. Red sumac, intense red saffron, pink pepper, mint — all these shades are in the collection. The main rate is made on an obvious trend this fall — cell and soft texture like velveteen. Overexposed instead of leather jackets, the brand offers to try on the leather coat in the style of the 70s. Bright palette is balanced by the calm pastel colors and monochromatic outfits cream and grey tones.

3. Bvlgari

Autumn is not just about the changing weather and wardrobe. In September after a relaxing summer vacation and holidays, in a usual urban rhythm returned, and workers and students. The report folders, books and diaries need to be put somewhere. Backpacks won the hearts of many practical fashionistas, and the brand Bvlgari has prepared for them a magnificent gift for the new season, adding a line of accessories Serpenti Forever. Leather backpack decorated with jewelry enamel clasp in the shape of a snake’s head, and the true fans of the brand will appreciate the attention to detail: gold plated chain, pulling it off the frame, also made in the form of a miniature snake heads.

4. Oblique

The theme of the autumn-winter collection of the Italian brand became Oblique futurism and deconstructivism. Uneven hems, slanted seams, extra long sleeves combined with metallic decoration and graphic inserts. Office lady can definitely diversify your closet, adding avant-garde and romanticism. Despite the warm Italian winter, designers have taken into account the interests of the fashionistas who live in more severe climates. In the collection there are insulated jackets and wool sweaters and original fur accessories like mink chokers.


Lookbook of Russian brand offers a more realistic picture of autumn: Yes, it will be rainy and messy, but to be sad and not have to suffer, if you choose the right shoes. The collection combines the rebellious spirit and femininity the result is a quite reliable image of the city dweller. Bright colors, different textures such as satin and velour, original decorative elements in the form of a braid and bows and accent on the heel — that’s the recipe of how to make your look current this fall. In the end, step over puddles in beautiful shoes, not so sad.

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