Hospitals in new York will receive additional means of birth control

Больницы Нью-Йорка получат дополнительные средства контроля рождаемости

Hospitals in new York will receive additional means of birth control

Author: Natalia Nikolaeva


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On Thursday, the administration of mayor bill De Blasio announced a new initiative to expand in urban hospitals to the birth control. In 11 public hospitals and 6 outpatient treatment centres will be available shortly, intrauterine devices and other long-acting contraceptives.

His wife, Cirlan McCrae, co-chair of the Commission on gender equality new York, said that the current political climate in the country poses a threat to women’s rights, so local authorities need to help protect women and their families.

These new steps will help to prevent increase in the number of unintended pregnancies in new York city and will enable women to care for themselves and their loved ones, “said McCrae, Cirlan.

In addition, we have been clear: new York will not stop fighting for the health and well-being of women and their families. Cities across the country can and should follow our example“.

The health care system of new York currently serves approximately 113 million women and girls aged 13 to 49 years. Over the next three years, the city plans to purchase 13 thousand new contraceptives, which, according to officials, will help to protect about 5 million women from unwanted pregnancy.

Chronic diseases, which are known to increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, so they will be one of the criteria for assessment of readiness for pregnancy. Girls aged 13 to 18 years will also be able to obtain long-acting contraceptives in the outpatient clinics of the city.

These new initiatives demonstrate the continued commitment of our city business optimization and, ultimately, empowering women to control the birth rate at a time when the administration trump is attempting to remove this opportunity, “said Dr. Erminia Palacio, Deputy mayor for health and human services.

Having effective methods of contraception available to women and families in new York facing fewer barriers to… care for reproductive health, which they want and where needed“.

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