House in Pennsylvania for Halloween turned into the cookie monster from “sesame Street”

Дом в Пенсильвании к Хэллоуину превратился в Коржика из “Улицы Сезам”

A woman from Pennsylvania has turned the front of his home in cookie monster (Cookie Monster), a character in “sesame Street”, on the eve of Halloween.

ESPN video reports that Lisa Boll (Boll Lisa) used blue spray paint and Styrofoam to make a giant eye with sparkles on the front of his house. Boll says that the transformation has made her house a local landmark – people stop to take pictures on the background of the building.

“It’s amazing how many people got pleasure from it. Especially happy small children up to 3 years. It’s not terrible, but the spirit of the holiday,” says ball.

Ball says she’s a fan of “sesame Street”, and painting the house so wanted to celebrate its 50th anniversary.