How not to make mashed potatoes in the paste and what to do if, nevertheless, turned

Как не превратить картофельное пюре в клейстер и что делать, если все-таки превратили

Mashed potatoes is one of the most popular dishes on our table. Why do some Housewives this side dish makes a delicious, airy and delicate, while others – like paste? The thing in the important details.

First, for the preparation of mashed potatoes it is best to use a starchy potato varieties – just so the garnish will truly air, writes Today.

There is a very easy way to know how much starch contained in the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into two halves, RUB them together, hand over the tip of one of the halves: if the potatoes stick together and not fall, so in a lot of tuber starch.

Second, before you mash the potatoes into a puree, you need to drain all the liquid in which it is cooked. Then return the pot to the stove and give extra moisture to evaporate. Only then can you add the butter, milk or cream.

The oil that you add to the mashed potatoes must be at room temperature. And milk or cream and warm. This will make the puree a homogenous, without lumps.

Thirdly, never use for mashing food processor or blender. These kitchen appliances too much to interrupt the potatoes, creating an undesirable starchy consistency, sticky and viscous.

What to do if mashed potatoes turned into paste?

Make it a casserole: spread the puree in a thin layer on the baking dish, then put butter, cheese and breadcrumbs, and bake in a hot oven until Golden brown.