How thyroid affects pregnancy and child development

Как щитовидная железа влияет на наступление беременности и развитие ребенка

The patient, who dreams about the birth of a baby, but can’t conceive, the doctor often advises to check the thyroid gland. It would seem, what communication?

— Any changes in the thyroid gland, whether the decrease in hormone production (hypothyroidism) or increased (hyperthyroidism) can disrupt the balance of sex hormones in a woman’s body can prevent conception and bearing a child, says endocrinologist of the highest category, the chief researcher of the Department of age endocrinology and clinical pharmacology, Institute of endocrinology and metabolism named after V. P. Komissarenko of the NAMS of Ukraine doctor of medical Sciences Olesya Zinic. — In addition, a malfunction of the thyroid gland can affect the child before birth, triggering the possible development of pathology.

One of the causes of infertility — a deficiency of thyroid hormone, which affects the level of hormones of pituitary and hypothalamus. They regulate the ovaries, where the follicles Mature, the egg is born, are produced by sex hormones. Improperly working thyroid gland and the egg does not ripen in time, menses become irregular. A woman cannot conceive a child, and if you still managed to carry the pregnancy safely is not possible. For infertility the patient should be sure to consult with an endocrinologist. Especially if the family already has thyroid disease and cases of miscarriage.

— What is hypothyroidism?

Woman complains of weight gain, despite diet and hard exercise, because it slows down basic metabolism. Bother constant feeling of chilliness, fatigue, depressed mood. In the body of retained fluid, constipation, pain in the joints or muscles. Suffering and appearance: the hair becomes thin and weak nails are brittle and skin is overly dry. But the most important thing in hypothyroidism is much more difficult to get pregnant: the fertility function is broken three times more often than women with normal levels of thyroid hormones. The menstrual cycle is lengthened, but the amount of discharge decreases or they disappear, hampered maturation of the egg, usually occurs polycystic ovarian syndrome preventing pregnancy.

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— And how dangerous an excess of thyroid hormones?

— A large number of hormones, trapped in the blood toxic effect on the body. This is manifested palpitations, excessive sweating, sudden weight loss of five to ten pounds in a short time, irritability, shaking hands. Most often excess hormones we see in graves disease (also called diffuse toxic goiter). In this disease, the body forms antibodies, which bind to receptors of the thyroid cells, forcing her to actively produce hormones. Syndrome of thyrotoxicosis in women is found in five to ten times more often than men. The peak incidence occurs in young and middle age.

— Hyperthyroidism can be overcome?

Yes, if it is possible to suppress the production of thyroid hormones and to normalize levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland (he, as a Manager, regulates the thyroid gland). Usually the doctor prescribes drugs, thyreostatics.

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— How long do I need to be treated?

— Approximately 12-18 months. As soon as the condition begins to improve, tests show a reduction or normalization of the hormone thyroxine, the medication dosage should be gradually reduced until cancelled. Safe to take thyreostatics can be no more than two years. During treatment, be sure to regularly have a blood test to check liver function. We recommend that patients limit physical activity, eat fewer foods or medications with a high content of iodine, to give up Smoking. Unfortunately, often diffuse toxic goiter gives a relapse and then require surgery — removal of thyroid gland or for radioiodtherapy.

— When you can get pregnant?

— We do not recommend, while the patient takes the medication even if symptoms have not. However, during treatment, the woman finds out about a wanted pregnancy. What to do? To report it immediately to the endocrinologist, specialist and, given time, will prescribe medications that will not harm or expectant mother or her baby.

Nodes in the thyroid gland prevent pregnancy?

— Definitely not, as any other changes in the structure of the gland, which shows an ultrasound. What matters is the level of hormones. But the patients, who have sites, I suggest thoroughly examined. In some cases, for example, at larger sizes, you will need a biopsy to find out what cells is the formation of benign or malignant. This is important because during pregnancy the hormones are pretty active, and nodes can start to grow. If the doctor recommends to remove the gland, it is not necessary to despair: it doesn’t give up on motherhood. After the surgery, the woman should regularly make the hormone thyroxine, according to Dr. the dose, and can easily get pregnant.


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