How to act if you suspect a fracture or dislocation, a doctor’s advice

Как действовать при подозрении на перелом или вывих, — советы врача

Winter — and the emergency rooms full. A lot of elderly people.

— With age, deteriorating coordination, the bones become more brittle, especially in women, says orthopedic trauma polytrauma Department of the Kyiv city clinical hospital No. 17 Yuri Poroshenko. — Due to the hormonal changes of bone leaches calcium, so often there are fractures of the radial bone in the wrist, the neck of the humerus or femur. In addition, older people often feel dizzy (the sudden interruption of the blood supply of the brain), and they fall in the apartment.

— What type of injuries are more common?

Injuries of the ankle joint, a broken bone in the wrist joint and collarbone if you fall over on its side. A person who while falling instinctively put up a hand happens to be a dislocation of the humerus or a fracture of her neck. Unfortunately, not uncommon and a head injury in the occipital part, damage to the coccyx when falling backwards.

With any injury it is crucial to consult a specialist. In large cities, are working round the clock emergency rooms in the district hospital is also on duty traumatologist or surgeon.

— What to do if you cannot immediately see a specialist?

Need to apply cold to relieve swelling, which occurs when any type of injury, because the soft tissue instantly filled with blood and fluid. Cold vessels are narrowed and faster strombergs. This will reduce the blood flow, relieve pressure on the nerve endings will ease the pain. For cooling suitable, for example, a package from the freezer wrapped in a towel or linen cloth. But to apply it to near the damaged location (not right on it!) to place the affected hand or foot on the heart of the cooling package. Keep the chill out should about 15 minutes and then take a break for 10-15 minutes, and so in the first two hours, not two days, as mistakenly believed by many people.

Also if you suspect a fracture, it is important to lock in an arm or leg in one position: take a plate or a ruler, or wrap around the damage of a thick magazine, placing the napkin, and tied the tape, belt, ribbon. In immobilized limbs lost pain impulses, and the condition will improve. To relieve the pain and help pain medicine, but it is important to record the exact time of his admission, to inform the doctor.

Today treat fractures? What to do if you have injured your tailbone? When you start to develop an arm or a leg? What foods help bones to heal faster?

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