How to choose the right summer home for the child

Как правильно подобрать место летнего отдыха для ребенка

Annually 14% of school-age children go to summer camp. The market of children’s rest in Ukraine is not resolved. This creates problems for parents. That is why about how and where to relax their children in the summer, they think in the winter, experts say.

“Children in the camps want to communicate mode. They get tired of the monotony during the nine months of training. They attend lessons, go to various clubs, communicate in social networks. That is why at camp they want to communicate in real life. That is why the task of the camp is to create a field for such communication,” says the Board member of the Association of “Leleka” Vadim Miroshnichenko on a press-conference “5 components of effective work with the new generation of children, countering bullying, choice of camps,” which took place today in the news Agency Ukrainian news.

Choosing a holiday destination – the sea, river, forest – should be guided by the child’s preferences.

“A good camp for parents is a secure rest, proper nutrition, good stay and the program. For children is a psychological comfort and what he would be busy. If these two points are fulfilled, the child in the camp will enjoy,” says Vice-President of the Association “Leleka” Tatiana Gulechka.

Parents must sign a contract with the camp. Mandatory condition – the presence of vouchers. Also worth checking out, to the pictures of the camp on the Internet with reality.

“Often, the network spread a fake photo. In the picture parents to see one, but in reality is quite another. Therefore, choosing a place for the child is to read the reviews, pomonitorit forums. Well, if you have the opportunity to go to camp, look at living conditions,” – said the expert. – Choosing a camp, do not focus on the cost. Not always the price matches the quality, he said. “Sometimes the humble camp has a very bright program. But in an expensive institution for the rest – no. For the child importantly, what will she be doing during the shift. But what in the camp living conditions – for it will be not important on the second day of rest “, – the expert adds.

The camp should also be equipped with a staff of counselors, a doctor, a cook.