How to recognize a child’s pneumonia, doctor

Как распознать у ребенка воспаление легких, — советы врача

The baby was ill, and parents are starting to panic. And suddenly complications? How not to miss a pneumonia?

— I think the mother is difficult to understand that the child begins a pneumonia, — says Deputy Director of Pediatrics medical company “Boris” Anna Gorban. — It is today much more common than before. If in the days of our mothers and grandmothers it was a terrible disease that causes the horror, today we learned to treat pneumonia and she is considered almost trivial ailment. It is important to pay attention to shortness of breath. A child may not cough, he had no fever, he’s not lethargic, but if you have shortness of breath, you can suspect pneumonia.

— Will the traditional recipes, for example, breathing over a pot with hot potatoes?

— To force the child to breathe potato steam, rubbing his chest warming ointments with the aroma, put mustard is not. There is no scientific evidence that these methods are effective.

— What viral disease most often complicated by pneumonia?

— I must say that in addition to pneumonia often have complications such as sinusitis, otitis media. And can cause lung virus any respiratory infections — influenza, parainfluenza, adenovirus or rhinovirus. Dangerous virus Epstein-Barr, cytomegalovirus. Pneumonia is often a complication of measles that is now attacking children and adults. Particularly dangerous influenza pneumonia: an inflammatory process is developing rapidly, it is difficult to control. It showed the swine flu epidemic, during which raged the infamous H1N1 virus and suffered a lot of small children.

— The treatment of viral and bacterial pneumonia differ?

— Slightly. Pneumonia caused by bacteria, the infection is suppressed by antibiotics. In viral form, the body has to cope on your own, and antibiotics need to prevent the development of bacterial complications. We assigned children drainage massage, teach them breathing exercises.

How clarify the diagnosis and treat pneumonia? That will help avoid complications if the child has the flu? What is the difference between flu symptoms from other respiratory? Dangerous for kids sweets from the Christmas gift and sodas?

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