How to strengthen the immune system of the child: an effective way

Как укрепить иммунитет ребенка: эффективный способ

Since children are in constant communication with their peers, in public places and transport, they can pick up various infections.

Doctors recommend parents to use Echinacea to enhance immunity in children. Echinacea can be used against colds, flu and other respiratory, diseases of the bladder when infected blood, for external use.


The herb Echinacea to put in a thermos and pour hot water, leave it for 2 hours.

Tablets of pre-crushed and give to drink a small amount of warm water.

Syrup of Echinacea can be given to kids 1-2 teaspoons up to three times a day. Children after 12 years of Echinacea tincture should be diluted with water in ratio 1:3 for 5-10 drops twice a day.

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