How was the vacation sisters Mikhalkov in Spain: photos

Anna Mikhalkova

In July, the 31-year-old Nadezhda Mikhalkova and her 44-year-old sister Anna went on holiday to Spain together with their children. They had been there for two weeks and now I am sharing shots from the family archive. Moreover, Anna herself posted a photo, which in a sense shocked many subscribers.

Anna Mikhalkova

44-year-old actress not long ago lost 15 pounds and admitted that she can now wear things that were still in high school. For the first time in a new way, she appeared on the red carpet of “Kinotavr” in June of this year, and now photos from Instagram, you can see how things have changed Mikhalkov.

Anna Mikhalkova

The result of long and hard training and proper nutrition and a strict diet appreciated by almost all members of Anna. Many began to write in the comments, compliments, and some even praised the actress for her naturalness and naturalness.

Comments in Instagram

Anna Mikhalkova

Nadezhda Mikhalkova also shared a selfie with his youngest son his sister’s 17-year-old Sergei.

While the kids catch crabs on the “fishing” only^ what you can manage to do is selfie. After all, “fishing” ends so fast. I’d like to say Hello to Anya and tell her that everything’s fine, Auntie fulfills in full,

— joked the actress in the caption to the photo.

Hope Mikhalkov and Sergei Tanks

By the way, in the next two weeks Mikhalkov can be seen on the First channel in the series “Red bracelets”, where she played the role of strict but fair physician of the children’s Department. But her sister Hope, will soon go to the us for the world premiere of her debut film “Lost place”. In the Russian hire it will be on view from October 25.

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