Hundreds of species of amphibians may become extinct because of the fungus

Сотни видов земноводных могут вымереть из-за грибка

Haredavai the fungus causes chytridiomycosis, which leads to heart failure.

In East Asia the deadly fungus, which can destroy populations of amphibians around the world.

We are talking about harideva frogs fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. It has long been considered the reason for the decline of populations and extinction of amphibians on several continents, the BBC reports.

With the 70-ies of the last century it has spread around the world, but, before the fatal cases was unknown.

The pathogen responsible for the downsizing and the extinction of hundreds of species of frogs.

“Australia has strict rules in this area, the project confirms why they are so necessary. I hope that this news will push for changes and other countries with less stringent Biosafety conditions. If they spread, we will face further extinction. The country needs to act before it happens,” said Dr. Li Skerratt from James cook University.

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