Hungary for a pittance, sells Russian fighter jets

Венгрия за бесценок распродает российские истребители

Army of Hungary has decided to sell the last remaining on the balance of the Ministry of defense of Russian-made fighters, the MiG-29, according to the British Jane’s portal.

In this regard, was put up for auction of 19 MiG-29 fighters, 20 engines and 293 other items, including weapons for aircraft. However, some planes are in need of major repair or has been partially dismantled. It is noted that the price of the lot starts at $ 10 million, but before bidding Budapest, you must obtain permission from the Russian side, writes “Today”.

This price is extremely low, since, depending on the model and configuration, the price of one MiG-29 can, on average, vary in the range of $ 25 million.