Hunt: so, the animals will still be killed in the city

Chasse à courre: si, les animaux pourront encore être tués en ville

Since Friday the 1st, a decree obliges the hunters to grant pardon to an animal that has taken refuge in an inhabited area during a hunt. This does not, however, guarantee its survival.

A decree published Friday in the official Journal provides, during a hunt, the grace required of an animal (and therefore the end of the hunt) when it “is in close proximity to dwellings, private gardens are adjacent to commercial zones or craft and of the offices and establishments open to the public.

The text seems to want to put an end to the cohabitation sometimes difficult between veneurs (hunters) and inhabitants of the areas close to the forest.

The new rule has a bit quickly been assimilated to the idea that deer, roe deer, foxes or wild boars would come out if they ever ended up in an inhabited area. But other points of the decree show that they could still be killed on the spot, or that the hunt could continue.

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In fact, the text provides that the hunter must implement all the methods for protecting people and property, remove the dogs and “facilitate the movement of the animal away from the inhabited area”.

However, this may be easier said than done. This is why the decree provides that the authorities (mayor, police, gendarmerie) may decide that the animal must be anesthetized, or if the circumstances require, put to death. This will not, however, be done by the hunters but by a veterinarian, at the expense of the crew to hunt.

A formulation of the decree also raises question. It is pointed out that this measure of grace required for a beast “at bay, or at the farm (on its purposes, taken, forced or halloo current)”, in other words an animal that is at the end of its forces or cornered. Stricto sensu, the hunting could continue and the animal be killed later even if he approaches at a given moment of the areas in question. The term “nearby” could also be the issue of interpretations.

It should be noted that the official position of the Society of the hunt is to grant pardon to the animal that approaches the residential areas or private property and to try to make it from. Position which, however does not have the force of law.

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