Hurricane “Florence” can bring snakes-killers

Ураган «Флоренс» может принести с собой змей-убийц

Hurricane “Florence” can bring snakes-killers

Author: Alina Dykman

snakes of North Carolina hurricane season Florence

In addition to the destructive winds and floods hurricane “Florence” carries with it another danger for the residents of North Carolina and South Carolina. This poisonous snake, which element can “cast out” from their native swamps and scattered around the streets.

On the streets of both Caroline can get up to 38 species of snakes, including the deadly Copperhead (the”wood snake”) and odnogolosy. According to the representative of the zoo Alligator Adventure in Myrtle beach Ted Bowman, the venom of these snakes destroys the tissues and causes severe bleeding, which can lead to the death of the person stung.

Residents of areas where the raging hurricane, urging people not to go outside and especially in nature, because many health centres on the coast have already been closed and evacuated. In the case of a snake bite, call 911 immediately!

After the storm “Harvey”, devastated in September 2017 Houston (TX), the local residents found in the homes of poisonous snakes, fire ants (whose bites can cause anaphylactic shock), and even alligators. All these creatures live in North and South Carolina.

According to Ted Bowman, the zoo has taken all measures to its inhabitants waited for the storm shelter.

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