Hurricane “Florence” keeping people trapped on rooftops and in cars

Ураган «Флоренс» запер людей в ловушке на крышах домов и в автомобилях

Hurricane “Florence” keeping people trapped on rooftops and in cars

Author: Alina Dykman


North Carolina hurricane season Florence

In North Carolina for emergency services trying to save people who did not or refused to evacuate. The flood, caused by hurricane “Florence”, locked them in the trap.

According to the authorities new Bern — coastal town in the County of Craven this morning more than 150 people were waiting for rescue in vehicles and on rooftops.

“In some areas of the city the situation is a stalemate”, — said the representative of the County of Craven amber Parker.

Rescue services receive hundreds of calls, but in some flooded areas are simply impossible to reach.

“Florence,” today, landed ashore as a hurricane 1 category. It happened at Wrightsville Beach, a few miles East of Wilmington. More than 60 people rescued from collapsing building Motel in the heart of the storm. According to meteorologists, even weakened, “Nightingale” will cause devastating floods on the mainland.

More than 400 thousand homes and businesses of North Carolina were left without electricity. Data on victims, fortunately, no.

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