Hygiene : the mistakes that we made (often) when you wash

Hygiène corporelle : les erreurs que l'on fait (souvent) lorsqu'on se lave

Put a large amount of product in his hand, use soap intimate, put deodorant on skin that is shaved… The dermatologist Laurence Netter we list 7 common mistakes in matters of personal hygiene.

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Using any product for the body

As well as a protective function against the external elements, the skin is covered with a hydrolipidic film of surface. Stripping every day your skin with soaps, rich in surfactants aggressive, is not the best of ideas. These can damage the film.

The solution ? Encourage the oils cleansing perfect for dry skin or problem skin (eczema in the child).

Putting too much product

You force a hygiene product to bring out a maximum of liquid ? Avoid ! The products for your body or your hair are rich in surfactants.

The trick ? Take a bottle of product empty and fill half-way with a shampoo or a shower gel, the rest with water.

Use a soap intimate

Health professionals recommend the use of a special product for the intimate parts, but the use of antiseptic every day in the know to intimate is to be avoided. The dermatologist suggest a soap with a neutral pH. Why ? Certain parts of the body such as the genitals have a pH that is slightly acidic. By choosing a basic product, you create an imbalance and promote the breeding of germs.

The solution ? Use a soap with neutral pH, little or no foaming and do not forget to clean the folds.

Put the cream on dry skin

Moisturize on dry skin is not an error in itself, but it is preferable to apply the product on a skin moist in order to promote its penetration.

The solution ? After the shower, do not wipe it all away and drop a bit of cream on your skin.

Wash your face with the same product for the body

Cleanse your face every day is important. The skin is coated in dead cells, bacteria and sebum that must be removed. Do not forget to remove makeup every night ! In 2013, a journalist from the Daily Mail is not démaquillée for a month. The result is without appeal : the skin is torn, marked redness, and wrinkles are appeared.

The solution ? Wash your face with a product that was different from the one used for your body (unless you use an ultra soft). Clean the skin with a special bread face, a cleansing gel. You can also choose water, micellar or cleansing milk. The two must be rinsed with mineral water or with the help of a tonic that the to wipe after.

Put your face under the shower head

You can wash you face before, during, or after the shower, but be careful not to place your head directly under the shower head, especially if the water is very hot. It can damage the skin barrier.

The solution ? Drop of water in the palm of hands and rinse gently.

Put deodorant, after being razed to the ground

For the past few years, the aluminum salts present in deodorants are suspected to increase the risk of developing cancers. The regulations require a 0.5% concentration. Applied directly on skin that is irritated by shaving, the deodorant and its compounds penetrate more easily.

The solution ? Avoid deodorant on the skin shaved.

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