Hypersonic cruise missile developed in the United States

Гиперзвуковую крылатую ракету разработают в США

US forces signed a contract with Lockheed Martin, involving the development of a new hypersonic cruise missile.

The beginning of the development of advanced missiles told the publication Flightglobal. The value of the contract could reach nearly a billion dollars. The us military is planning to munition that could for a long time to fly at a speed of not less than five Mach numbers (approximately 6.2 thousand km/h). It is assumed that the missile will provide high-precision guidance system that allows you to destroy stationary and moving targets. Guidance should be performed using a GPS system with inertial navigation. The development also involves modifications to the missile by the operator after launch.

The ammunition will be used as bombers and fighters. The latter imposes fairly severe restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the product.

Hypersonic missiles are considered potentially the most effective way of breaking through enemy air defenses. Flying with great speed ammunition is extremely difficult to intercept. The rocket must be made from zones which are not covered by air defense of the enemy.

It is worth noting that this is not the first attempt to create a modern hypersonic weapons. Great expectations, the us military was associated with the results obtained in the framework of the test missile X-51A Waverider. The developer of the product — the Boeing company. According to plans, this hypersonic cruise missile needs to reach a speed of six or seven meters was conducted a number of tests. So, on may 1, 2013 launched from the aircraft carrier B-52, the missile has a top speed of 5.1 M. For six minutes of flight X-51 overcame a distance of 426 kilometers.

During testing, the developers are faced with serious difficulties due to fundamental problems associated with prolonged flight at hypersonic speeds. In this case, the apparatus is in the “cloud” of plasma that can damage electronics and it is difficult for targeting.

In recent time, the media are actively discussing the new Russian rocket “Dagger”. It is used in conjunction with the fighter-interceptor MiG-31 and is positioned as hypersonic. According to experts, it is about aeroballistic missile, made on the basis of the complex “Iskander”. In addition, Russia is actively developing hypersonic missile “Zircon”, which in the future I want to include in your Arsenal of weapons of surface ships and submarines.

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