“I cried my race ! “, Lara Fabian confides about his illness

« J’ai pleuré ma race ! », Lara Fabian se confie sur sa maladie

« J’ai pleuré ma race ! », Lara Fabian se confie sur sa maladieAlizée stops the music and explains pourquoiComment introduce baby to music ?Running : 15 music motivantesMusique online : which subscription to choose ?How music heals the cultures

2014 was a black year for the singer voice. The victim of two shock hearing consequential, Lara Fabian has been plunged into complete silence for 3 weeks. Now healed and ready for his return on the front of the stage, she was entrusted to the Parisian on this difficult test.

After long months without being able to sing, Lara Fabian is better. Radiant, she exudes the joy of living : “I have rediscovered the joy of singing and exploring my voice.” His voice, the singer was not safe to hear it again. “Without sound, no voice. I have been subjected to a treatment colossal, put on a drip, in a hyperbaric chamber in a military hospital. I had to learn everything. This is income that gradually, through my singing teacher, Patricia “. An ordeal which she faced with her entourage. The star has been able to count on the friends who have helped to keep face and to relativize.

The positive in the pain

Of this dark period, Lara Fabian, however, able to seize the opportunity to refocus on what was essential : “this compulsory retirement, has at least allowed me to pause, pick up my daughter at school, to move, to walk much in the woods, thinking about the future”. Many of the themes he will use in his next album “My life in yours”, which is scheduled for 6 November. A head-to-head with Lara Fabian, not just the artist. Lara Fabian, the woman who is such a miracle to savor every moment of life. An album that promises to be rich in emotion !

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