“I don’t Wake up with makeup and high heels”: Irina Shayk admitted she didn’t feel like a supermodel

Irina Shayk

32-year-old Irina Shayk is the face of the most famous brands, she graced numerous magazine covers and regularly appears on the best shows, however, the confession of a young mother, she does not fully feel like a supermodel.

It doesn’t mean anything. I’m only human, like the rest. I don’t Wake up with hair setting, makeup and high heels. I love to wear the most comfortable clothes in the world, at times, when my agent sees me, he says: “Irina, that’s not right.” And I answered her: “Yes, I am!”

said lover Bradley Cooper the publication of People before the show Intimissimi in Verona last week.

I don’t Wake up and say, “Oh, my God, I am absolutely perfect! I Wake up and say to myself, “Maybe it’s time to go to the gym, I have cellulite.” I constantly criticized myself. As soon as you get too comfortable, this is the day when you stopped working on yourself. I am a Capricorn, so I love to constantly push myself for the better. It took me a long time to become confident. Due to my career and travel around the world, I learned a lot about myself, about my body and about life, about where my place in life.

According to Shake, the close collaboration with the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, helped her self-esteem.

Show Intimissimi is really cool. Guide brand is my family. I like this brand because every woman can afford to buy something from the collection. This beautiful linen is available for each. And of excellent quality. Like all Russian, believe me, I like to save. I don’t like to waste their money on that during the next few weeks want throw in the trash.

Irina said that when wearing beautiful lingerie, feels desirable and attractive.

For many years women were told how to dress and how to show their bodies, but now we can do whatever you want if it makes us feel great, she said.

I love food and now we are in Italy, so it’s so hard to resist a risotto and other Goodies. My mom always says: “If you eat junk food, just imagine that you are not gaining weight and just enjoy”. I’m a little train, but go to the bath. The main thing — to be in harmony with your body and feel great. And, of course, you have to eat right, but I’m a bit short, unfortunately.



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