I wanted to quit: the eliminated contestant of “X-factor” talked about the behind the scenes of the project (photo)

Мне хотелось все бросить: выбывшая участница «Х-фактора» рассказала о закулисье проекта (фото)

After the third live vocal show “X-factor” (STB) left the team of judges Oleg Vinnik Andrey Danilko. The team of Andrey lost to Ivan Ishchenko, and the group left Oleg Palina (real name Pauline Poloneichik). Under the new rules of the show after each broadcast and the song “for life”, leaving two contestants. The third leave of the judge. This time they gave their votes to the trust Oleg Vinnik Olga Garinii.

Petite and understated emotions Pauline Poloneichik called “space singer”. She came to Ukraine from Minsk. In his native Belarus 24-year-old actress is quite popular and collects concert halls. Pauline admitted that the participation in Ukrainian “X-factor” for her test herself. The performer wanted to see how she will cope with her new musical material. Polina on the scene for seven years, but always sang his own songs. Her coach Oleg Vinnik called the contestants the “most mysterious” member of “X-factor”. By the way, many people Polina predicted victory in the project.

The next day after the third broadcast Polina Poloneichik went home. In Minsk, it was looking forward to a little son. Before departure in an exclusive interview with the “FACTS” a participant told us why she left the show and how experienced tense moments during the preparation to live.

Мне хотелось все бросить: выбывшая участница «Х-фактора» рассказала о закулисье проекта (фото)

Do you think the judges made the right decision about the nominees?

— It seems to me, all right. Left Jarina Olya and she is a fighter. She is very a great professional, who for the sake of the case capable of any experiments. Saw her, not batting an eye, ate eight lemons, because it was such a task?! I think Vanya is a little different of a feather.

— What?

— Probably, our audience simply does not watch this TV show. I don’t consider myself less worthy of victory than the others. But I did not set for themselves the goal to win at any cost. I was curious to try yourself in three esters. It’s great! I tried to smile, to get used to the new images, beautiful, hands up, move your body. But in the end realized it was not mine! I don’t know, and don’t want to do. Yes, I have learned otherwise to stand on the stage, but, unfortunately, I have this skill in the future not very useful.

Мне хотелось все бросить: выбывшая участница «Х-фактора» рассказала о закулисье проекта (фото)

— What emotions you said goodbye to “X factor”?

— I’m glad I’m going home! I was in Minsk 20 days, and I can’t wait. You know, the biggest prize I win when you embrace your son. Of course, sad to leave, so hard to part with the project, because all of us who were involved in it, became very close. Here is the atmosphere, which will never happen again. Even if I ever come for another ten similar shows.

— What is the “mystery” of the “X-factor”?

— The project helps to understand their own feelings. I can’t say that “X-factor” was for me a fairy tale. It’s like you’re sitting alone in the room in front of the mirror. I was in a foreign country and did what I was not clear. But during these three weeks I found myself. And it is most important to me! Here I began to understand that I am real and what is not buy, does not cover up a dress or a wig. Suddenly it was here, on the project, I realized who I am! By the way, I learned that my face is sad. This just all said, the participants and judges! All my life it seemed that I was gay, but it turned out — quite the contrary. For me it was a revelation. I return home and immediately begin to work on your image.

Мне хотелось все бросить: выбывшая участница «Х-фактора» рассказала о закулисье проекта (фото)

— So you were not disappointed?

— You, of course not! For me the big discovery was the fact that it’s real. No one is forcing us to change himself. And the people here are real and kind. And goodness in life in General should be more.

— In many you see the winner of the “X-factor”!

But it so happened, how it happened. You know, there are moments in life that we want to preserve. Because too happy, fun, carefree everything was. But in the end, after any holiday there comes a time when you need to wash the dishes. And it does not want to “preserve”. And the “X-factor”. I have had times when I wanted to give up and go home. And it happened that everything was fine and wanted to stay here longer. I have no what do not regret, because the project left a lot of people for whom to continue to participate in the “X-factor” is much more important than me.

— You didn’t want to win?!

— I was wondering. You know, it’s like to go to the pet store and look at everything that is sold there, it is not going to buy anything.

— What are you most impressed with?

— The team that creates the “X-factor”. Their creativity literally off the chart! These are people for whom nothing is impossible. Get an idea and immediately begins to incarnate just in front of you. While the idea may be completely crazy! Know how it inspires you! Think more than once at home in Minsk, I will “spin” their performances on “X-factor”.

— Michael Panchyshyn — the winner of the eighth season of the project in General has filled his tattoo of the “X-factor”!

And I’m stuffed! Of course, I’m really going to miss the draft. But really I don’t permanently break up with Ukraine. In January I plan to come here with concerts. So I hope to see you there!

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