Identified new causes of early aging

Выявлены новые причины раннего старения

The inhabitants of poor countries menopause occurs at age 45.

At the world Congress in Vancouver, researchers from the University of Hawaii presented evidence that childbirth at a very young age is a major factor of premature aging in women. Gave birth to 20 years, women are at risk of early menopause, said scientists.

Severe emotional distress, as well as early motherhood can be a cause of some of the problems found by the authors. According to figures announced by the specialists of the University of Hawaii, have given birth to 20 years, women are at risk of early menopause by 43 percent more often than other representatives of their gender. The experts also found that have given birth before, women are more likely to go through a hysterectomy, gynecological procedure to remove the uterus.

Scientists examined data on 1,000 women from different countries of the world. It turned out that women in poor countries menopause occurs at age 45, nearly ten years earlier than women from more affluent places of residence.

In addition, researchers obtained numbers indicate that a major factor of early menopause can be an emotional suffering experienced in childhood. Among the respondents who had experienced similar childhood trauma, early menopause was observed in every second.

Preliminary studies have shown that women who have too occurs before menopause, often suffer from aneurysms of the brain. There is also evidence that early menopause is correlated with the development in women of heart disease.

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