Identified the main shortcomings of the popular berry diets

Названы основные недостатки популярных ягодных диет

It turns out that to lose weight on berries is not for everyone.

To start with, any berry diet belongs to the category of mono-diet, but it is not very good for health, especially if you follow it longer than one week.

It is known that the proper diet is one that includes the whole list of seasonal products. And if in the winter need to consume radish, apples, beets and cabbage, the summer progress should go all berries, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

What are berry diet?

Interpretations are many, but the most popular are strawberry, cherry, cherry and BlackBerry diet.

Over the years, and in these methods, diet nutrition there are a lot of different variations.

The strawberry diet

Hollywood celebrities eat strawberries with shrimp, asparagus and Turkey, with cheese. But in any case, the strawberry diet is tough and keeping it can not everyone.

If there is one strawberry in a week, you will be able to get rid of 5-7 kg of excess weight, but you will hurt your stomach, as the acids from the berries can irritate the mucous membranes and can cause development of peptic ulcer disease or gastritis.

Cherry diet

Perfectly removes excess fluid from the body, but because in its observance should drink a lot of water, otherwise dehydration can not be avoided. And because of the acid, as in the case of strawberry, can cause stomach problems.

Cherry diet

By itself, the cherry – one of the best berries, acting as a worthy alternative to high-calorie sweets. But for too long you shouldn’t use it, because it contains a lot of fructose that increase the level of glucose in the blood.

BlackBerry diet

BlackBerry contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and therefore very beneficial to health. Also, it largely consists of water, and therefore will be able to restore the fluid balance in the body. If you overeat, BlackBerry, you may develop diarrhea, as it has laxative property. To lose weight quality berries are excellent and for the health – not so much.

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