If you can get behind the wheel after non-alcoholic beer

Можно ли садиться за руль после безалкогольного пива

Harmless if non-alcoholic beer for the driver.

Many of us drink “near beer” and sit behind the wheel, not thinking about the consequences. Can I drink “near beer” before getting behind the wheel and do it non-alcoholic beer? Let us look at this issue in more detail, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to mmr.net.ua.

After reading the part of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer, we will see that the composition of the beer are almost identical, with the exception of alcohol. Yes, alcohol in “non alcoholic beer” and there is a fact. The alcohol content in regular beer is within 3 -5,5 % in “non-alcoholic beer” is an average of 0.5 %, although sometimes more. This suggests that non-alcoholic beer is not soft.

In certain experiments it was found that, if after consumption of “nonalcoholic beer” just to breathe into a breathalyzer, the device will show the content of alcohol in blood more than 0,00, because alcoholic couples have not yet had time to erode from the mouth. But if you wait a while, we will notice that the breathalyzer will show 0.00 ppm. It turns out, the more we consumed of this beer, the longer you need to wait to see it weathered. For example, after the devastation of one of the banks you need to wait at least ten minutes before driving.

It’s certainly good to drink, wait and nothing will happen, but it’s not. Firstly not all breathalyzer are the same, one would show low figures other overpriced depending on the manufacturer. Secondly, you are not immune from the possible effects of the beer on your body (loss of attentiveness, slower reaction) that can lead to accidents. Third, employees of GAI, feeling the slightest smell of alcohol can get out of the car and breathe into a tube or something more to put the car on the penalty Parking and go to the examination. We need more time to think whether to drink non-alcoholic beer to get away from one problem and come to another.

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