In 2018 more than 83 thousand Ukrainians became citizens of the aggressor country

За 2018 год более 83 тысяч украинцев стали гражданами страны-агрессора

The Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that in 2018, citizenship was granted to 83 081 thousand citizen of Ukraine.

About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine” with reference to statistical data on migration situation.

It is noted that for Jan-Dec 83 081 thousand Ukrainian received the citizenship of the Russian Federation (adopted, restored, recognized).

In addition, it is reported that during the period the decision is made to results 64 861 thousand residence permits for Ukrainians (currently living in Russia on a residence permit 638 170 thousand Ukrainians).

The interior Ministry added that the citizens of Ukraine in 2018 received 77 075 thousand permits for temporary residence (living in the present time for such permits in Russia 160 thousand Ukrainians 706).

The Agency reported that in 2017 the Russian citizenship were 85 119 thousand Ukrainians.