In 7 Florida counties because of the “red tide” has declared a state of emergency

В 7 округах Флориды из-за «красного прилива» объявили чрезвычайное положение

In 7 Florida counties because of the “red tide” has declared a state of emergency

Author: Vadym Matus


the beaches in Florida state of emergency

In the area of East coast, Gulf Coast (state of Florida), because of the so-called “red tide” the authorities have decided to introduce a state of emergency. Ocean water is contaminated, the coast is littered with tons of dead fish, closure of many companies near the beaches.

On Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in 7 counties on the coast of the state, as well as on the allocation of $1.5 million for the implementation of cleaning works as indemnification for local businesses (with fewer visitors). Because of the “blooms” from intoxication killed a lot of local fauna, people don’t visit the local beaches. On the coast the stench of the water, dead fish, dolphins, turtles and even manatees. Die also birds that eat dead fish.

This phenomenon is caused by drift of the infected algae from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico on 241,4 km to the North. The first reports of infected algae in the region is received back in October of last year. Now there is another issue: inland waters can also be contaminated due to precipitation from evaporated ocean water.

Red tide, also known as “algal blooms”, expressed in the active development of phytoplankton and algae on the coasts of reservoirs. In Florida, this phenomenon is characterized by the presence in water of brevetoxin, a dangerous toxin that can lead to the death of not only the flora and fauna, but also people. As a result of infection with this substance the person is suffering from: salivation, itching, spontaneous bowel movements, paralysis of the muscles. As a rule, death occurs as a result of respiratory arrest.

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