In a cave on Mars could see the silhouette of an alien

В пещере на Марсе разглядели силуэт пришельца

The discovery was made by well-known ufologist.

Restless UFO researcher and truth seeker, Scott Waring made another loud statement, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

According to the Taiwanese researcher, he examined images of Mars taken by U.S. Rover “Spirit”, and found on one of the photos hidden in the cave of the stranger. Here he writes specialist:

“Friends, I found on Mars is the face of the reptilians, peering into the light from the darkness of the cave. The impression that the alien had decided in that moment, attack him in the Rover or to remain in his hideout. We can also assume that the creature was frightened by the appearance of the robot. Finally, do not rule out that it was not a living organism, and long-fossilized remains. Anyway, we have before us an incredibly interesting find. It would be great if NASA turned the Rover and then captured the reptilians more efficiently. It is a pity that the Agency does not comply with the request of ordinary people like you and me.”

Why Scott is confident that the Rover is at the moment not turned around and shot the humanoid a higher level of quality specifies a natural question one and Internet users? Another matter is that the NASA will never spread in the free access…

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