In a shootout in Fredericton killed four, including two police officers (PHOTO)

В результате перестрелки в Фредериктоне погибли четверо, включая двух офицеров полиции   (ФОТО)

Fredericton police reports that they have one suspect who is now arrested and detained on charges of involvement in a shootout in which four people were killed, including two officers, in the capital of new Brunswick.

The police also said that two police Fredericton were killed during a shooting in the area of Brookside Drive, between Main Street and Ring Road. Shooting began at 7 am local time on Friday, the names of the victims are not reported.

At 11 am, the police confirmed that the threat is eliminated and the overlap area is no longer required. In addition, there is evidence that the suspect is now providing emergency assistance in connection with injuries sustained in the shootout.

“The police still working the crime scene and will remain there for as long as is necessary”, – said in the police report.

According to witnesses, between 7 and 8 a.m. on Brookside Drive, it was possible to observe a huge number of police concentrated in one cordoned off the area where the shots were fired.

David Makori said that about 7 a.m. he woke up to the sound of gunfire, which sounded as if was made very near his apartment on Brookside Drive. He said he first heard three shots that woke him up, and then heard another 17 to 8:30 in the morning. According to him, all the half hour he spent on the floor of his apartment and away from Windows until police had to cordon the area, trying to catch the culprit.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, expressed his condolences to the families of the victims on Twitter on Friday morning.

“Terrible news out of Fredericton. My heart is with all who suffered in the shootout. We are closely monitoring the situation,” he wrote.

Minister of Brunswick Brian gallant also tweeted about the shooting Friday morning.

“On behalf of all citizens I Express my condolences. My thoughts and prayers are for the victims of the shooting and their families,” he said.

Gallant also asked the residents to monitor the situation and follow instructions of law enforcement officers.

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