In Africa, 34 persons died because of the powerful showers

В Африке 34 человека погибли из-за мощных ливней

A terrible disaster has struck in Uganda.

In a landslide, which triggered a powerful heavy rains in Eastern Uganda killed at least 34 people. Also destroyed the building and under the ground were a lot of animals, reports the with reference to 24ТВ.

According to Sky News, citing local authorities, the landslides occurred on mount Elgon, resulting in destroyed homes that were placed on it and in the neighborhood. Also underground there were a lot of animals.

As emphasized by local officials, most as a result of the landslide affected a small town on the hillside.

Additionally, the area that was struck by the elements, is near the border with Kenya. Such phenomena are not uncommon. In particular, over the past years there have been several similar cases.

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