In Africa for the first time in a hundred years, photographed a rare black leopard

В Африке впервые за сто лет сфотографировали редкого черного леопарда

For the first time in a hundred years, biologists have shot the black leopard strolling through Kenya, according to CNN.

The picture was taken by wildlife photographer will Burrard-Lucas. He was able to photograph the animal, which in Africa is almost a myth because of its rarity. Leopard photographed on the plains of Kenya under the bright moonlight.

According to the photographer, it was his dream since childhood — to take a picture of a black leopard. After he learned that the animal allegedly seen in the region of Laikipia (Kenya), Burrard decided to go back and mounted an expedition.

Working in collaboration with biologists from the local zoo, Burrard installed camera traps in places where, according to rumors, often frequented by leopard.

“I still cannot believe that I did. I think when I started, I didn’t believe that I will be able to take a photo of a black leopard in Africa. It is simply the most incredible and beautiful human being that I was shooting,” said Burrard.

Last black leopard was filmed in Africa in Ethiopia 1909. Now the photo is stored in the National Museum of natural history in Washington.