In Africa found a person with the habits of the dog. Video

В Африке нашли человека с повадками собаки. Видео

A strange man was running among the wild dogs.

This video was published online a year ago on the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, but passed almost unnoticed. It filmed an unusual creature, which the authors of the video have called a man a dog, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

The video was taken in Limpopo, in Northern South Africa. The authors of the video shot from his car at a distance. They noticed a strange creature running on four legs together with a bunch of dogs on the outskirts of a small village.

Because video is shot at a distance, it is impossible to see the head of the creature, mostly you can see only its long and thin arms and legs, which he is surprisingly good, running on all fours like doing it since birth.

The creature walking and running on all fours much more agile than the famous family from Turkey who walk on all fours due to a rare syndrome of Uner tan.

Clothes on the “half-half”, you may notice only a loincloth. The creature behaves exactly like being near dogs and they seem to accept it as a part of its pack.

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