In Africa lost half of the oldest baobab trees in the world

В Африке погибла половина древнейших баобабов мира

Age of trees up to 2500 years.

There is information about the deaths of five baobab trees in Africa. Trees that have dried up due to a strange natural processes, it was from 1100 to 2500 years. Scientists have linked the sudden death of climate change, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Only in Africa was 13 baobab, featuring an impressive age. Eight trees have already withered away. It is noteworthy that this figure includes five of the six oldest trees.

Experts call a variety of reasons: global warming, environmental pollution, etc. That’s just the truth in these words enough.

The prophecy about the End of the world, States that before the Apocalypse people will find Noah’s Ark, withered oak of Mamre, and not come down Holy fire.

Oak, which is in the Palestinian authority in the monastery of the Holy Trinity, a hundred years ago was green. Today it was only a pole. The ark might have to find, and the Holy fire, perhaps ignited artificially.

Therefore, all anomalies are signs of the coming End of the world. The truth about the death of the baobab lies much deeper.

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