In Android P will be a new useful feature ” Chronicle of world events

В Android P появится новая полезная функция » Хроника мировых событий

Now the inclusion of dark design is already available for owners of the smartphone Google Pixel 2.

Google has decided to meet numerous requests of the users and added in a future update to Android function switch night mode on devices.

Google says that future collections of Android, the corresponding switch will appear in the settings section of the display. This innovation will be especially important for the owners of smartphones with AMOLED screens. A new option will not only protect your eyes in the dark, but also extend the life of a single battery charge.

But users cannot choose what kind of theme to include them decides that Android. The operating system selects the menu depending on the selected image for the desktop. If the picture is dark enough, and menu design becomes relevant.

It is hoped that a future patch from Google also means the ability to disable the automatic change of registration, depending on the time of day or selected desktop Wallpaper.

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