In Argentina formed a giant earth fissure

В Аргентине образовался гигантский земной разлом

The city authorities evacuated residents of nearby houses.

In the Argentine city of Diamante (entre Rios) people massively leave their homes in connection with the expanding crack, which suddenly formed in the earth’s crust. Total evacuated the residents of forty houses, the Chronicle with reference to the news of the world.

The split reaches a length of 130 m, the depth is 40 m. It was found on the line of the river Parana every day becomes longer. Local authorities urged people to leave their homes, as they can be life-threatening. At any time the whole area could go under the ground.

In total, the city has approximately 22 thousand people. Dangerous area referred to as Kristo Pescadero. Yet that geologists have not received information in this connection was cracked.

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