In Argentina found waterfowl being without eyes

В Аргентине нашли водоплавающее существо без глаз

In appearance, the creature resembles an eel.

A woman named Julian Garcia found in the Argentine lake San Roque, located in the province of Cordoba, a strange creature similar to a snake without eyes, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The creation of supposedly sailed along the bridge crossing the pond. The woman decided to approach him to get a closer look. It turned out that the length of the establishment amounted to more than 80 inches, and head diameter equal to 20 cm.

A citizen of Argentina took the risk to get creating on the surface to photograph. The woman could not accurately identify the creature, so asked for help from users on the network.

The creature’s body like an eel, but the head is strange. It is too big, plus, no eyes. Grandfather of Juliana’s childhood working on the lake, but over a lifetime, not seen anything like it. Maybe a woman found swollen decaying creation. This indicates the existence of stock rot. Reliable information, unfortunately, not available.

В Аргентине нашли водоплавающее существо без глаз

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