In Argentina was released guide to seduction Russia during the 2018 world Cup: “Russian women hate boring men”

Everyone is busy preparing for the world Cup, which in June launched in Russia: we have launched a petition calling to stop the involvement of women in the sex industry in the run-up to the 2018 world Cup, and in Argentina the local football Association (AFA) has released the textbook “Russian language and culture” in which, among other things, there is leadership… for the seduction of the Russians! It devoted an entire Chapter titled “What to do to have a chance Russian girls”.

Russian women are beautiful, and so many men just want to spend the night. Maybe they want it too. But they also want to feel important and unique, so pay attention to their values and individuality,

— quoted authors the portal “Such things”.

This is followed by practical advice to philanderers: don’t ask stupid questions about sex, to observe cleanliness (unbelievable, but true: men still continue to advise, as if this is not the norm! — Approx. ed.), dress well and use a nice perfume. And, of course, Casanova must be a good psychologist and “to treat a Russian woman like a treasure, make her feel special.”

Russian girls hate boring men. Don’t ask typical questions, be original. Usually they like to learn, so give them some information about you. Remember that many of them will not know about your country, which you will have the advantage over the Russian men, you new and other. Be sure

— advises Lovelace in the manual.

According to the compilers manual, it will help those who are going to come to Russia for the 2018 world Cup — will be acquainted with our characteristics and traditions. The management has already seeded players, journalists, participants of preparatory courses for fans and officials.

As it turned out, the author of the text was Argutinsky blogger who apparently has managed to become intimately familiar with Russians and now shares his observations with others. But do they correspond to reality? This Argentine players and fans will soon find out for themselves when they come to the competition. Maybe some do get lucky, because often our girls love football players, and just fans of the sport. Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, in his last visit to Moscow to meet time…

However, after the storm which had risen in the network, the Argentine football Federation has apologized, noting that the head with the rules of the flirting was printed by mistake.

Team Argentina soccer, 2016

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