In Austria the first recorded same-sex marriage

В Австрии впервые зарегистрировали однополый брак

In Austria officially registered the country’s first gay marriage between two residents of the capital. In Vienna, the Austrian capital, two local women living together for several years, were United together in marriage October 12, is the first same-sex marriage to the country, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

Two astrike, who live together for several years, were United together in marriage on Friday in Vienna, with family and friends.

We are talking about women who, together with four other same-sex couples and with the support of the Committee “Lambda” protecting LGBT rights, sued earlier by the constitutional court of Austria.

According to the newspaper Die Presse, the two women already have a son together. “But the son is still considered illegitimate, because Austria is the only country in the world – although same-sex couples have the full rights for fatherhood and a family, but the parents of these children can’t get married,” the newspaper reported, citing the human rights Committee.

By results of consideration of a case the constitutional court was allowed from 1 January 2019 the registration of marriages for same-sex couples, and registered civil partnership for all Homo – and heterosexuals. The plaintiffs – five couples were allowed to marry in 2018 that the first couple did on Friday in Vienna. Thus, Austria became the 16th country in Europe and the 26th country in the world where you are allowed marriage for same-sex couples.

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