In Balaclava found an old wooden ship

В Балаклаве нашли старый деревянный корабль

It may be Roman sailing ship.

The participants of the expedition “Neptune” found in Balaclava area, the well-preserved wooden ship.As head of the expedition Roman Dunayev, we can talk about a Roman boat.

“The ship is discovered at a depth of 90 meters. Clearly visible outlines of the body. In this well-preserved anchor, we can determine the approximate age of the ship – we can talk about Roman sailing ship,” he said, noting that earlier ships of the Roman era such safety in the Crimea.

According to Dunayev, the surface was a raised element of the hull for radiocarbon analysis, which will more accurately establish the age of the vessel.

The exact location of the ship’s expedition leader was to call for fear of looting the ship.

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