In Bangladesh began the season of tropical rains: a lot of victims

В Бангладеш начался сезон тропических дождей: много погибших

As a result of landslides and heavy rains that marked the onset of the monsoon in South-Eastern Bangladesh yesterday, killing at least 12 people.Two of them were representatives of the local Muslim minority Rohingya people, reports the

The government stated that adopts emergency measures for evacuation.

Death occurred in regions of Coke and Rangamati that border with Myanmar, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fled from military repression.

In the last three days rainfall in this area is not stopped, said government officials on Tuesday.

One of the two victims was two and a half year old boy who died when he and his mother fell into a mud wall. The victim’s mother is in the hospital. Another Rohingya man was killed when he was hit by a tree.

The majority of Rohingya refugees live in huts made of bamboo and plastic sheets, which are installed on steep hills.

Mohammad Shamsuddoha, a senior official in the Bangladesh Commission for assistance to refugees and repatriation, said that about 1,500 villages were damaged or destroyed in three days.

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